Wednesday, 27 November 2013

29 year old Teacher Caught Bonking 17 year old girl in Class

A 29 year old teacher in southern province was caught on camera sexing a 17 year old girl who he usually teaches after normal class.
It got to the attention of some friends to the poor girl who disclosed to Zibani Zambia that the girl usually complains of severe pains on here private part adding that the man she likes sleeping with doesn’t allow her to lubricate before sex despite not stating the name of the man.

A source to Zibani Zambia who sent the photos to the email of the man and the poor lady in act at a named school in southern province whose name hasn’t been reveled said that He decided to place a hidden camera in the classroom were the teacher only identified as Ba Sir Mwendabai and the girl do meet knowing that he felt the girl was cheating on him and wanted to make sure she was not cheating.
He further added that he was surprised to see what was captured on tape when he went to collect his hidden camera.
 watch video bellow

Zibani Zambia

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